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SeasideSoft Photo Cropper 1.1

A useful and efficient free tool to crop, cut, and resize your JPEG images
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SeasideSoft Photo Cropper is a useful and efficient free tool to crop, cut, and resize your JPEG images in a very intuitive way. Besides, the resulting photograph will maintain the same level of quality present in the original file, and will retain all the Exif information embedded in the parent image. It allows for batch cropping, applying the selected settings to all the active images, if desired.

Its clear interface makes it very simple for any user both to select the JPEG images, and to define the cropping area. The images are dragged and dropped into the main window and converted into thumbnails, while the active image is shown in the window’s viewer. You can create as many cropping profiles as needed, and apply as many of them as you wish to the same photograph or to a set of photographs – the program will then create an image for each of the profiles selected.

To make the whole process easier and more intuitive, the active photograph is shown framed in a grid (which can also be turned off). This grid will help you to refine the area selection, resulting in more accurate cropping values. Each of the created profiles appears in a different colour, providing the pixel values of the image to be saved. Though one of the main assets of SeasideSoft Photo Cropper is its lossless functionality, you can decide to save the clipped image in a compressed JPEG format, and with different levels of quality.

Francisco Martínez
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